Ten On Columbia

Located across the street from InDev’s first project (Kapela) and next to our future office space we have planned our development “TEN on Columbia”. The design of the proposed in‐fill development at Columbia and Hawthorne Streets in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood is unique and modern, it addresses the surrounding scale of the neighborhood while exhibiting modern materiality and presence. The development of TEN begins by demolition of three dilapidated single family homes along with the removal of a billboard that has blighted the neighborhood for years.

Habitat Unit Images

San Diego Firefighters Train During Demolition

Prestige Unit Images

Skyline Unit Images

Ten Dwelling Units

Comprised of ten dwelling units ranging from appox. 650 sf to 1350 sf along with included parking, Each new unit will contain expansive floor to ceiling windows and patio doors for natural ventilation and light along with high ceilings and views to the waterfront and downtown cityscape. In addition, each unit will offer expansive outdoor patio and roof deck space ranging in size from approx. 180 to 350 square feet, connecting the indoor and outdoor space for a vibrant downtown living experience with expansive views.

Challenging Site Solutions

TEN on Columbia possesses a challenging yet promising site. Bordered by Columbia street to the north, Hawthone street to the south and neighboring parcels on each adjacent side, this small lot at 5,000 square feet holds much promise for urban in‐fill. The grade of the property has a slight change from Columbia west to the ocean allowing for a tired effect down the hillside. Although a corner lot, TEN is situated in a FAA height restricted zone mandating a 36 foot height limit. The upside to this being views are maintained from our last development along with any potential new building in the future.