Given its proximity to a corner lot location, as well as being adjacent to our previous project, “Ten on Columbia,” Contour has a unique ability to reverberate upon an existing design and bring a cohesive style to the street front. The composition of the west elevation is decidedly asymmetrical and yet elegantly balanced in its relationship to the form as a whole as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Nestled in the back of this project is a tranquil, yet unhampered courtyard enriched by large planters, inviting the tenants to a private escape. Contour’s composition and scale are brought down to the human element and create a dynamic balance of residential and office spaces. In terms of proportion and scale, the future residents and tenants will be able to enter Contour through an enticing entrance that draws your eye from the charred cypress on the exterior to the soft warm colored cypress lining the interior of the entrance. Contour is a materially integrated tactile experience that uses light colored concrete blocks and stucco to encase the dark rhythmic wood siding and glazed façade that communicate the architectural volume of the building as a whole. Being that the site is only 5,000 square feet, Contour is a perfect example of the kind of urban in-fill development that is ideal for the San Diego community.