In collaboration with N.T.C. Developers, InDev has been given an opportunity to design a large project on a very unique plot of land. The site used to be an old quarry which gives the site a large fl at plateau surrounded on three sides by steep cliff walls. Nestled in the old quarry site will be 6 buildings holding 5 to 6 two bedroom units with personal garages for each unit. The buildings follow suit to our contemporary design style and ensures that each unit has a high quality standard of living. The composition of the building comes from a subtractive design style that plays with the volume of spaces interacting with each other to provide private living quarters and outdoor patios to each unit. Each building is staggered in height and rotated to ensure that all the units have views looking outwards and not being blocked by another building. Cantera is a materially integrated tactile experience that uses light colored concrete with vertical formed concrete and stucco to encase the dark rhythmic aluminum and glazed fa├žade that communicate the architectural volume of the building as a whole.