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Materiality is one of my favorite things to be able to play with and explore. The way each individual material can play off of and enhance the quality of the next is an exciting thing. For this development I was able to choose a mix of four materials that are always seen in groups of threes. Picking Massaranduba hardwood siding for its lasting warmth and beauty along with long horizontal lines, asphalt shingle siding for its texture and architectural placement, galvanized metal accent siding for a reflective and durable surface that can be bent and formed to the building, and classic white Santa Barbara stucco that when polished properly acts as a blank canvas for shadow and light; all of these materials stand by and interact with each other protecting the homes within.

Trying to create a small footprint that functions as a much larger space, Kapela’s townhomes are each equipped with all the energy efficient creature comforts that people have come to expect. Inside each dwelling unit finishes are clean and modern with level five finish gyp board walls that accentuate the white stucco exterior, custom concrete counter tops and tile work and  5/8” engineered bamboo flooring in a porch grey finish.  Each window casing instead of the normal drywall treatment that dirties and crumbles, incorporates aluminum accent casing bringing the large openings into the interior spaces. Wanting to stray from traditional closets, all townhomes feature built-in storage units that match and complement the custom kitchen cabinets in black/brown mahogany.

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