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Residential In-fill Development

My first true design, develop, build project took form in residential in-fill development; a passion of mine throughout my educational process. Beautifully positioned in San Diego’s trendy, cultured, active community of Little Italy; Kapela was completed in April of 2011 and rose from the bones of a 1920’s home on a 2,540 square foot site. Each town home features everything I always wanted to draw and design while working for others, but due to the bottom line would always get nixed (high ceilings and double height living spaces, substantial garden patios, expansive roof decks and multiple oversized operable windows for natural ventilation). Being my own boss though, I could fight through the budget and find ways of creating a development that stays successful yet to me is architecture in every since of the word.

I call the development Kapela (meaning union of old and new), as due to zoning and financing concerns, over 51% of the existing residence had to be saved and re-used. Inside the new walls reside portions of old redwood studs, a crumbling foundation that for all practical purposes had to be re-built with underpinning and the original floor system over a crawl space. Around all this though, grew my design for compact yet open urban living.

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