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San Diego’s climate and vibe allows for an eclectic mix of architectural form. I knew, when moving to this city four years ago, that I wanted to come up with my own development project here. I was finishing my master of architecture degree and looking to the future. For most students, this would involve numerous internships in low-level positions and a lot of compromise with their own creative ideals. I felt a strong need to break away from that model, and began looking into real estate development as a way to become my own boss.

Kapela was the next logical step for me to take after my third and final master’s program in real estate finished up. Starting my own company and partnering with financial backers I found a rarely available site in one of San Diego’s most livable neighborhoods, designed and permitted the new homes in three months and constructed them in seven. Now a little over a year after first finding the site, I live in and manage the other three rental homes imagining and planning for the next design / develop / build project.

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