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InDev LLC is a private San Diego-based investment and development firm that draws its resources from the know-how of its founding members, along with a wide array of financial backers and industry-leading professionals. InDev‘s (invest + develop) success is rooted in our steadfast commitment to only developing income-producing properties that deliver higher-than-average returns. InDev identifies and cultivates compelling development opportunities in select markets that will serve both architecturally and financially as one. InDev’s strength is drawn from our founding and managing members’ backgrounds in commercial brokerage, financial planning, architecture, construction, development, as well as our shared entrepreneurial spirit. We start every project by asking the following questions: Can the architecture work? Will the development have the opportunity to be successful? Is the vacancy rate low in the area? Is there a low cap rate for comparable properties? Are there high rental rates? Our team scans the market everyday asking these important questions and we will not consider a development opportunity until all questions have a positive answer.

We are a very unique type of builder in that we shy away from the mass-produced, track home style condominiums or apartment building. We believe each individual has a distinct personality and therefore we aspire to create a distinct style of design in each of our projects. We pride ourselves on using nature to our advantage by creating a view that would not have otherwise existed prior to our discovery, creating a unique perspective to our Tenants and Buyers. With the continued passion toward nature, we capitalize on our local climate by creating much larger outdoor living space than our competitors. We also competitively price our developments, which is why all of our projects are priced to lease or sell at the moment construction is completed. We look forward into the future and study market trends in order to ensure that we continue to do what we truly love - creating great investments.

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